Skype for gets "huge" overhaul, rolling out now

Skype for gets "huge" overhaul

Recently Microsoft announced that would be getting a significant upgrade with new features and a user interface as the service is migrated to an Office 365 based infrastructure.As part of the roll out of these new features, the team at announced today what they described as a “huge overhaul” for Skype for Outlook.

The redesigned Skype sidebar allows for easier use of finding contacts, picking up conversations across any device, and the ability to make one to one voice or video calls after installing a browser plugin.

Here are a few screenshots provided on Microsoft's Garage and Updates blog of the new Skype sidebar in an inbox.

Skype for gets "huge" overhaul

Skype for gets "huge" overhaul

Skype for gets "huge" overhaul

The blog says the features are being rolled out beginning today to all customers, not just the preview. The new version will be made available in every inbox over the coming months

Has the new Skype for Outlook show up in your inbox and what do you think of the redesign?

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