Skype for officially launched worldwide, with HD video calling enabled

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Skype for Outlook officially launched worldwide, with HD video calling enabled for PCs.

Skype for Outlook, which until now has only been available to select users, sees its global release today. This feature was originally launched last year to a handful of users. In addition, Microsoft’s popular voice over internet protocol and instant messaging service has also added High Definition video capability to PCs and fixed some bug issues.

Skype for Outlook comes in the form of a browser plug-in (much like Java and Flash) which, once installed, lets you make video calls with just a click, and without having to leave your inbox.

Microsoft is expanding Skype’s footprints across several of its services. Recently Skype and Lync also upped Microsoft's video integration.

The global release has additionally resolved a bug that its early adopters had reported. The bug caused the Skype call tune continue even if you had picked up the call from the desktop client. The plug-in, which is available for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, can be downloaded from the link below. 

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