Skype on macOS now supports the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

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The Skype team has quietly updated its Mac client to support the Touch Bar on Apple's latest MacBook Pros. According to 9to5Mac, the version 7.48 of Skype for Mac brings Skype call controls, name and profile pictures right on the new Touch Bar, in addition to brightness and volume settings. You can see the different buttons in the image below:

Skype on macos now supports the macbook pro touch bar - onmsft. Com - march 15, 2017
Skype for mac provides touch bar support for call controls (credit: 9to5mac).

For now, Skype for Mac only puts the Touch Bar to good use during Skype calls, and it remains to be seen if the Skype team plans to do more with it going forward. This is still a nice to have feature, which also shows that Microsoft is pretty good at supporting Mac users. Over the past few weeks, the Office apps were also updated with Touch Bar support.

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