Skype app for Windows 8.1 receives update, lets you add contacts from People page and more


Considering Valentine's day is nearly upon us, it's high time social networking and messaging apps do something a bit more special to make them useful. Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Skype app for Windows, adding a few new features with it.

This new update adds the ability to import your contacts from the People page. All you have to do is select the icon to add people and type in their name, their Microsoft account, or Skype ID, and you are all set. The update also adds the ability to see who is available as well as the ability to turn off IM audio notifications. Here is the complete list of improvements with this update:

  • Add contacts from people page: Ever wondered if you could use the People page to add your friends and colleagues to Skype? Wouldn't it have made sense? Well, it sure does. The new version of Skype lets you add contacts from that page. To add someone, just select the icon below, type in a name, their Microsoft account or SkypeID and you're done. And yeah, if you want you can still continue doing things the same old way. 
  • Find who's available: If you would rather see the people who are online at the time, the new version will let you do that. However, the feature is limited to people who have less than 20 contacts.
  • Turn off IM audio notification: Don't like hearing a sound alert everytime the person you are chatting with sends you a message? Well, turn it off if you want, the latest version 2.5 lets you do that as well.

 Grab the latest version from the download link below, and let us know how you like the new features. 

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