Skype looking for developers for Windows 8 app

Skype, who were recently bought by Microsoft, is expected to have a Windows 8 Skype app ready by the operating systems launch. Today, the company is looking for developers to help make it happen. It is currently unclear whether a Skype app will be included with Windows 8, or available as a seperate download on the app store.

It would be rather silly for Microsoft to not have a Skype app available for Windows 8 by launch. Microsoft bought Skype last year for a whopping $8.5 billion, and is currently planning to launch Skype for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox later this year.

Coming from, Skype are hiring developers to help develop a Windows 8 metro app, two job openings are currently available for "Software Development Engineer – Skype for Windows Metro."

The two job listing are asking for "passionate, team-oriented and self-motivated developers to help us build Skype client software for new Windows 8 platform." While one job is asking for C# developers, the other is asking for JavaScript/HTML5 developers, since Metro apps can be built with the two coding languages.

Microsoft and Skype recently announced plans for a Skype app for Windows Phone, and said to expect Skype on Windows 8 and Xbox later this year.

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