Skype leverages Microsoft's Family feature to easily connect you with family members

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Microsoft's Family feature, which was recently improved with a shared Family Calendar on has just received some Skype love today. If you're already a part of a Microsoft Family, all your family members who are on Skype will automatically be added to your Skype contact list. Additionally, a "My Family" Group chat will also appear in the messaging app to make it easier to reach out.

Skype leverages microsoft's family feature to easily connect you with family members - onmsft. Com - september 13, 2017

"This new Skype feature creates a central location for everyone to send a quick message or jump on a group video call," the Skype team explained, highlighting the fact that there is no setup required. "Family members will receive a notification when the group is created, and that group will appear in everyone’s conversation history on whatever device they’re using Skype." If you're wondering, you can leave this family group or remove family members anytime, without any impact on family membership.

If you have yet to create a Microsoft Family, you can do so on this page. Sound off in the comments if you think this is a nice complement to the Family Calendar on

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