Skype for iPhone adds link previews in chat, Apple Watch integration detailed

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Skype for iPhone adds link previews in chat. Apple Watch integration detailed

Skype has just updated to version 5.13 for on iPhone and brings with it web link preview to chat which displays, you guessed it, previews of websites or videos linked to in Skype chat. While not a major new feature, it is something that can come in handy when chatting with family members or friends who simply send you a website URL with no explanation as to what it is.

A more interesting feature in the iPhone Skype app is its new integration with the Apple Watch. Owners of both an Apple Watch and iPhone can now use voice chat to create a text reply or use a variety of pre-written responses and emoticons. New chats can also be initiated directly from the smartwatch and incoming Skype calls can be accepted or decline simply by tapping the small screen.

Microsoft has really been ramping up the Skype updates recently and just last week pushed out an update for Skype on Mac which featured several significant updates and visual changes. Their new real time voice translation tool, Skype Translator has also been released and while it’s currently only in preview, it showed a lot of potential in our hands-on time with it.

Which Skype service or app interests you the most and where would you like to see Skype change in the future? Share your thoughts with the WinBeta community in the comments below.

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