Skype has new emoticons from Pixar's 'Inside Out' -
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Skype has new emoticons from Pixar's 'Inside Out'

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The new film Inside Out from Pixar takes a look into our minds by having adorable personifications of our various emotions. It’s receiving positive reviews and Microsoft and Disney have taken the opportunity to market the “little emotions inside our heads” in the form of new Skype emoticons.

There are five new emoticons showing the faces of the five main emotions featured in the film. They are Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger, and Sadness. Each animated emoticon shows a very good likeness of the characters in the film and add some more variety to Skype messaging. Below are the emoticons with their descriptions from the Skype blog.

Inside Out Skype Emoticons

In addition to the five emotion emoticons from Inside Out there are also some other emoticons including a dancing monkey, waving your hands in the air (seemingly they just don’t care), and a classic bowling bowl and wick style bomb that explodes.

To make sure that you get the latest emoticons you have to have the latest version of Skype so make sure you update accordingly.

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