Skype for Business integrates with iOS using Apple's CallKit framework

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Fresh off the long holiday weekend, the Skype for Business team dropped a Microsoft Office blog post giving us a deeper look at their most recent update. Originally announced at Ignite 2016 and released last Wednesday, version 6.10 integrated the Apple iOS CallKit into Skype for Business. The big update makes it possible for iPhone users interact with Skype the same way their devices already handle calls.

The iOS CallKit integration lets users:

  • Accept an incoming Skype for Business call from the lock screen without launching the Skype for Business app to receive the call.
  • Access the app from the calling interface with just one touch.
  • Switch between calls across Skype for Business, your personal cellular line and other VoIP applications supporting CallKit.
  • Send incoming cellular calls to voicemail or put the Skype for Business call on hold to accept the incoming cellular call.


Furthermore, built-in IT and user controls make it possible to turn off the integration and use the app as it was originally, whether for a business or their personal device. Skype for Business on iOS should updated to 6.10 automatically or it can be downloaded to your iPhone by clicking the Appbox below.

‎Skype for Business
‎Skype for Business


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