Skype to filter out the noise of typing from your voice chats

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Skype to filter out the noise of typing from your voice chats

You know when you're in the middle of a Skype chat and you're trying to make notes about what the other person is saying? The chances are that you do everything you can to type as quietly as possible, almost as if you want to hide the fact that you're making notes -- even though the other person is probably doing the same and in trying to type quietly you end up typing really slowly and missing important notes.

This could all come to an end in a future version of Skype. At an event in Sweden, David Hands, Program Manager of Skype’s Audio and Video Processing team demonstrate typing sound suppression in Lync, which automatically filters out the sound of typing so you can take extensive notes without worrying about how much noise is being made.

This technology is fully functional in Lync and Hands said that the same feature will, eventually, make its way to Skype as well. No dates have been mentioned, but it is on the cards.

Typing sound suppression is particularly useful in enterprise environments where conference calls are common, but it would almost certainly prove popular with home users as well. Is this something you think you'd make use of?

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