Skype for business training will be available in person and online

Sean Michael

Skype for Business

Microsoft is offering in-person training to help people learn to use the recently launched, ‘Skype for Business.’ In-person events will be held in Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo. If anyone cannot attend in person, they can view live webcasts and an Office 365 Readiness tab.

Microsoft is in the middle of consolidating service titles across their many products. The company’s news apps have all been placed under the MSN umbrella, operating systems will soon be under a unified name in Windows 10, and anything involving search features is powered by Bing. In line with the movement to simplify, Microsoft is combining Skype and Lync under the name ‘Skype for Business’.

Lync was essentially Skype for business before a name change, but Microsoft is combining what it calls “the best from Skype” and “the best from Lync” to create Skype for business. A video advertising the new product focuses on bringing people together.

Skype is the ubiquitous term for internet video calling and Lync has always been centered on the work place. The brand recognition of Skype along with Lync’s focus on business centered security will likely attract new customers seeking secure collaboration within a work environment.