Skype for Business Cloud PBX "simplifies communications in the cloud"

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In our world, communication is key to many areas of our lives, whether that communication be personal or business. A break in communication can result in anything from an angry girlfriend/wife to a botched business deal. To help remove the concern of staying connected or communicating Microsoft leverages their Skype service. With Skype, you have the ability to communicate across various devices, with any number of your contacts, from a simple internet connection. No need to worry about roaming charges, cell tower reception or concrete walls. If you have an internet connection, then you can communicate with whoever you like. This ability gives Skype a unique advantage among other ways of communication and is especially useful in the corporate world.

Today, Microsoft released an informative video about their Skype for Business Cloud PBX service. The difference between the standard Skype service and Skype for Business Cloud PBX, is the use of cloud management for all users communication globally. Utilizing the power of the cloud, this service can eliminate the need for separate PBX systems to connect workers globally.

A PBX system is essentially a telephone system for organizations to use internally and to allow external calls, from a centralized system. Cloud PBX takes this concept and moves it to the cloud with Skype for Business and integrates with Office 365. This allows users to effectively communicate, transfer, accept and start conversations and also right from within applications they are using. Collaborating on a project in Publisher is as easy as connecting with a fellow colleague through Skype for Business and even inviting other colleagues for further collaboration. If the conversation needs to be taken on the road, users can easily transfer the call to another PC, mobile device or tablet.

For IT departments, this service gives them a central location to manage all users and enable communication rights through the Office 365 Admin portal. With Office 365 the administration can also manage email, contacts, and any content used among users. This seamless integration gives organizations the power to potentially eliminate a PBX system and remain connected on a global scale.

With recent updates to Skype for Business allowing new features like broadcasting meetings, integration with mobile platforms Android and iOS, Microsoft is working hard to give access to their service, across all avenues. Giving users such robust features and new exciting concepts like language translation, means Skype for Business can be important, if not necessary, component to any organization looking for seamless communication among teams.

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