Skype app for Windows 8 updated, features preview of Skype Video Messaging


Recently, Microsoft rolled out a new update to the Skype for Windows desktop application. This new update provides a preview of Skype’s Video Messaging feature. This feature is now available via the Windows 8 Skype app.

Skype’s new video messaging capabilities are great for those who prefer to send video messages to their loved ones or friends. “Skype Video Messaging lets you record a video message and send it to people who matter to you on Skype anytime, even when they’re unavailable; they will be able to watch the Video Message next time they’re online,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

The update to the Skype app for Windows 8 is available now and now supports the Skype Video Messaging feature. On top of that, the app features general bug fixes. The app is free and available in the Windows Store. Update your app or download the app below to experience the new Video messaging feature on Skype!

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