Skype app for Windows 8 updated, comes with better searching and performance tweaks

Microsoft recently released an update to the Skype app for Android and now Microsoft has also issued an update to the Windows 8 app. The new update to the Skype app for Windows 8 features better searching, Messenger integration, and performance tweaks.

This update appears to make things noticeably faster and a new Skype Video Call Window now appears on top of Messenger. Aside from the usual bug fixes, this update provides users with better performance when placing a video call. However, the only thing thats reported to be lagging is the integration between Messenger and Skype. “What is not smooth is the current situation with regards to how this messenger and Skype integration is proceeding. On Windows 8 it’s possible to have the built in Microsoft Messaging app running, the Skype App and even a Windows Live Messenger app all working at the same time,” the report states. Microsoft recently announced that Windows Live Messenger and Skype will become one. Microsoft has been encouraging all Messenger users to update to the latest version of Skype, to make the transition easier. Hit the Windows Store to update or use the download link below to grab it.

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