Skype app receives update, Bing Translator app gets speech input in latest update for Windows 8.1

Skype app receives update, Bing Translator app gets speech input in latest update for Windows 8.1

Microsoft has rolled out two updates to its Windows 8.1 apps – Skype and Bing Translator. The Skype app for Windows 8.1 simply received general bug fixes while the Bing Translator app received speech input functionality.

“The Bing Translator App for Windows is your companion when you need to quickly translate what you are looking at. Use your camera or just type the text you want to translate. Text and camera translation work offline with downloadable language packs, so you can get the power of Bing Translator on-the-go, even when you don’t have an Internet connection,” the app description reads.

With this new feature, you can easily utilize speech-to-speech translations from any Windows device, simply by speaking into your device’s microphone. You will then hear the translated words in a native speaker’s accent. You can take a look at this feature in action via the embedded video below.

Not to be outdone, the Bing Translator app for Windows Phone 8 is also set for a release later today, adding improvements to the speech functionality for better quality and responsiveness of translations. The update also incorporates a redesigned user interface for the existing and recently released offline language packs. “By downloading offline language packs, you can maintain translation on the go when not connected to the internet and avoid expensive data roaming charges,” Microsoft explained.

On the other hand, the official Skype app for Windows 8.1 received a minor update today, simply addressing bugs. Hit the download links below to snag these apps – you may have to wait a while for the Bing Translator Windows Phone app to be available. Let us know if you notice any improvements in the Skype app, since no change log was made available!

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