Skype app for iPhone updated to enable users to save photos, and more

Skype app for iPhone updated to enable users to save photos to camera roll, and improve chat loading timeFor those of you who use an iPhone and have Skype app installed on it, here’s some information about the recent update- the app has been updated to version 5.7 to add a plethora of new features. The new Skype client now lets you save photos in the camera roll, and provides improvements to avatar, chat and people.

Over the years, several users have complained about the app’s inability to save photos in the camera roll. Microsoft has listened, and is now letting users save any photos they receive in chat to the camera roll. Additionally, you can now also delete photos from a chat.

The other nifty addition is avatars for all chats. This feature will finally let you see the avatars for groups and people. Also, don’t worry, if any of them change their avatar, the app will show you the most updated version.

The company has also improved the chat loading time. To be more specific, the notification that you are about to click on has already been loaded in the app. Last but not the least, the new update has improved the people list feature and filter options. This will help you quickly find the person you wish to talk with.

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