Skype 8 replaces Skype UWP on the Windows 10 October 2018 update, adds To-Do integration

Laurent Giret

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update is officially available since yesterday, and like all major Windows 10 releases it will roll out gradually to all users. The latest version of Windows 10 comes with new stock apps like Your Phone, as well a brand new Skype app that will replace the Skype UWP app.

This new Skype app is actually Skype 8, which was already available as a standalone desktop app on Windows 10. This new version is a cross-platform app and it’s a big improvement over the old UWP client. New features include Call recording, Private (encrypted) conversations, SMS Connect with Android phones, as well as various Skype Add-ins including Spotify and Giphy.

Skype Add-ins let you access third-party services right from your Skype conversations, and Microsoft To-Do is the latest service to become available as an Add-in. Once you’ve logged in Microsoft To-Do within Skype, you’ll be able to open the tasks pane to manage your to-do lists, and also create a new task from any Skype message. It’s nice to see Microsoft To-Do being integrated to other Microsoft services, and the task manager app is also accessible from since yesterday.

Compared to the standalone version of Skype 8, the new Microsoft Store version of Skype also integrates with the Windows 10 Share charm, MyPeople, and it can receive push notifications even when the app isn’t running. This app will also get more frequent updates (usually at the same time as other platforms), and Microsoft will iterate fast to achieve feature parity with the soon-to-be-deprecated Skype Classic app.