Skype 8.4 for iOS and Android brings back mood messages, dates in chat and more

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The Skype team keeps iterating on its new Skype experience for iOS and Android, and the latest version 8.4 brings several improvements including the return of mood messages. This was one of the most requested features from users as it seems not everyone is a fan of Highlights, Skype's take on Snapchat stories.

Skype 8. 4 for ios and android brings back mood messages, dates in chat and more - onmsft. Com - august 21, 2017

Mood messages coming back is great, but this latest version also displays online status icon in your contact list (only the green dots will show up when your contacts are active), as well as dates in chat. There are many other small improvements in this latest update and you can read the full list below:

You asked, we delivered

  • Set your Mood! Under settings you can now change your mood message letting everyone know how you feel. Learn more.
  • Notification bug fixed. Missed a call because it didn't ring. We have made more improvements in this area. Let us know if you experience more notification issues.
  • Presence voice over has been added, making it easier to find who is online.
  • Coach marks have been added, giving an in-depth tour of the app.
  • Blocked contacts bug fixed. Were you receiving calls from blocked contacts? We fixed the issue.
  • Profile picture. You can now zoom and crop your picture!
  • Chinese public/government calls. The ability to dial and call 3 or 7 digit numbers has been added.
  • Contact bug fix. We fixed an issue where phone numbers were not showing up as a name even though it was in the address book.
  • Chat history. Having trouble trying to find a certain date in a conversation? We added the floating banner with the date when you are scrolling, making it easier to find that exact date you are looking for.
  • Top crashes. We are always focused on these, let us know if you encounter a problem!
  • Highlights. Skype will no longer be prefetching highlights while battery saver mode is turned on.
  • Avacadolove emoji is back!

Upcoming cool stuff

  • Tired of calls answering in Speakerphone? We’re working on that, hang in there.
  • Quick sign in is coming back and will make getting back into Skype easy.
  • Change language is coming... keep an eye out!
  • and so much more…

The version 8.4 of Skype for Android started to roll out a couple of days ago, but the new version has just hit the iOS App Store today. The Skype team still has a lot of work to do to achieve feature parity with the previous iOS and Android versions (support for SMS messages is still missing, as an example), but we like this fast release cycle. Let us know in the comments what do you think of these latest improvements.

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