updated with improved sharing, new HTML5 features, and more drag-and-drop capabilities


Microsoft has rolled out an update to which features improved sharing, new HTML5 features, and more drag-and-drop capabilities. Microsoft has made it easier than ever to have a fast and fluid experience on the company's cloud storage service.

"We’re ringing in the new year with a few improvements to You now have a single, unified view into how each of your files is shared so you can more easily control who has access to your files. We’ve also added more HTML5 features for touch devices making the SkyDrive experience faster and more fluid across devices and we’ve introduced more drag-and-drop capabilities to make it easier to manage your files, photos and documents," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft has made it easier to share by unifying all sharing related information and tasks into one single screen (just click the Share button). also supports touch gesture support, so you can easily select an item or multiple items by simply swiping on the item to the left or right. Users can even use the breadcrumbs to drag/drop files with ease! Microsoft has also improved many back-end features to make the service faster and fluid. These updates to are being rolled out today.


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