SkyDrive gets smarter than any other cloud storage service with OCR technology

OCR on SkyDrive

Microsoft has been releasing new features and updates for SkyDrive in the past days, where SkyDrive Pro users got their storage space uplifted to 25GB. Today, Microsoft announced that optical character recognition (OCR) will be automatically used for all your photos on SkyDrive thanks to the Bing team.

OCR is a smart technology where it extracts text from the photos in your camera roll when you upload and view them on Thanks to this new technology, just take a picture, upload it to your SkyDrive, and then it will automatically extract the text. All you have to do now is view it on and the extracted text will be shown in the Properties pane.

"Most of us can think of a time that we took a picture of something that we really just wanted the text from. It could have been a photo of a product label at a store, a picture of a magazine article or ad, or a snapshot of a sign with info you wanted to remember. When you take photos with your Windows Phone (with auto-upload turned on) today, we send them to your SkyDrive camera roll folder. With this new SkyDrive release, our OCR tool will automatically run on your camera roll photos so you can instantly see the extracted text whenever you view your photos on," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Thanks to Bing and their awesome team, this feature is available in these languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German. This feature is efficient and is a smarter experience for SkyDrive users, allowing them to use this technology rather than downloading software on your computer. As long as you have your picture in the cloud, you can access the extracted text anytime, anywhere.

Are you going to use this? Is this beneficial to you? Why? Please comment down below!

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