SkyDrive Command Line Interface announced, classic DOS syntax comes back to life

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Apr 1st, 2012 inNews

Microsoft has revealed a new interface to its SkyDrive storage service called SkyCMD. The premise behind SKyCMD is so users can navigate using old DOS commands, rather than navigate through their files with the flick of a finger or view photos with a click of a mouse.

“Starting today, you can finally interact with SkyDrive the way you’ve always wanted to. You can use the classic DOS syntax to easily navigate your file hierarchy—familiar commands like ‘dir’ and ‘cd.’ Simple. Powerful,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. In other words, you can use classic DOS commands to navigate through your folders and files.

Yes this is yet another April Fools joke, courtesy of Microsoft. Some old school nerds got excited that the old DOS interface was making a come back, but this is not going to happen.

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