SkyDrive to be renamed Microsoft Drive in the UK?

Microsoft Drive

A recent court ruling has resulted in Microsoft losing the trademark to the name SkyDrive in the UK due to a news broadcaster being worried that the name SkyDrive could be confused with their Sky video streaming services. Microsoft are appealing the decision, however if the company are unable to win back the trademark, they will have no choice but to rename SkyDrive.

It appears Microsoft are already preparing for a worst-case scenario, as the term 'Microsoft Drive' has been coded into the Windows 8.1 operating system, and can be seen in PC Settings once a registry setting is tweaked. If the term Microsoft Drive isn't a backup name for SkyDrive, then what are Microsoft planning to use it for?

Hopefully Microsoft won't have to result to the name Microsoft Drive, as SkyDrive is now a well known cloud storage service and having a rename in Europe could result in loss of market share. What are your thoughts on this? Leave them in the comments area below!

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