SKY TV app for the Xbox One is 'in development'

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The pan-European satellite broadcasting company, SKY TV, is preparing to bring its content to the Xbox One with an official app. According to a report from techradar, the Xbox One UK Marketing Director Harvey Eagle claims, "Sky TV is in development and is coming soon to Xbox One." Current Xbox and SKY TV consumers have relied on streaming content from the SKY provided, Now TV app built for Windows 8.1 or SKY on Xbox 360.
The SKY app on older Xbox 360’s offered viewing of up to 63 channels that included Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and ITV Encore. Users also had access to live and on-demand content from their Xbox 360 consoles.
As for details on the matter, Eagle provided little to none. Assuming the app is similar to the PS4 version that landed on the console last December, the app will most likely work in conjunction with a Sky Go Extra subscription. The subscription allows users to tap into live channels, on-demand access and the SKY Store.
We’ll be keeping an eye on more development news as it arrives, but for now, the Xbox team seems to be working hard at removing hurdles for Xbox 360 users to upgrade to the Xbox One.

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