SkillSet Consulting announces strategic partnership with CIMtrek to deliver a Lotus Notes migration solution

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SkillSet Consulting – a specialist provider of Business Process Improvement (BPI) consultancy and Business Process Management (BPM) technology – has signed a partnership agreement with CIMtrek.

CIMtrek was founded in January 2010 by Jon Pyke, an influential figure in the BPM sector. The software company, headquartered in the UK, has developed a range of tools to help companies migrate legacy applications, such as Lotus Notes, to cloud platforms. There are over 160 million Lotus Notes users worldwide. Research by Brocade has indicated that 60% of organisations have started, or are planning, a migration to a cloud platform.

SkillSet Consulting will work closely with CIMtrek to deliver a full range of professional services, including preparing organisations for cloud migration, identifying the applications, templates and processes to be converted and migrating selected applications to an appropriate cloud platform.

Jon Pyke, Founder and CEO of CIMtrek, commented: “Large amounts of time and money are spent on maintaining Lotus Notes applications; this is a burden for many organisations. As a result, interest in cloud platforms is growing. Lotus Notes-based applications, however, can be very difficult and time consuming to migrate. Organisations want to keep the functionality of the legacy-based applications while exploiting the benefits of the cloud; this is a challenge!” He added: “At CIMtrek, we have developed solutions to help organisations discover and analyse legacy applications in hours rather than days. We have also developed a powerful migration tool and an execution environment that enables the deployment of migrated solutions in the cloud.”

John Butler, Head of Business Development at SkillSet Consulting, commented: “This is an exciting opportunity for us and demonstrates our continued commitment to delivering business value to our customers through the innovative use of technology. CIMtrek offers a new and unique approach to delivering solutions to the cloud. We look forward to working with Jon on this new business venture.”

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