Sketchable app for Windows 8.1 updated, gets Mirror Image feature, Lock Transparency, and new textures

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Sketchable app for windows 8. 1 updated, gets mirror image feature, lock transparency, and new textures

Sketchable, a popular creative Windows Store app from Silicon Benders, LLC, has received a new update today, adding several new features and improvements to the app. These new features are free, and include Mirror Image, Lock Transparency, and several new textures for 64bit users. The app is feature-packed with tons of photo editing tools so you can express your creativity.

"Sketchable provides the best creative digital journaling experience on the market. It is the only professional windows store art application with Layers. Whether you import an image, snap a photo, or start from a blank canvas, Sketchable puts the creative options in your hands. No matter the context, Sketchable is the perfect app to breathe life into your ideas. The elegant interface is designed to get the most out of each device and fast fluid brushes allow for an uninterrupted workflow," the app description reads.

The app has been bumped to version 2.1 and features a Mirror Image icon located on upper App Bar, as well as an added Lock Layer Transparency Icon located on upper App Bar. Lock Layer Transparency allows you to alter a layer’s color without changing the layer’s shape or transparency. The mirror view allows you to get a different perspective on the image, or overcome any difficulties when sketching items such as faces.

The app also features bug fixes, as well as a blank texture to all versions and new textures to the 64 bit version. You can grab the updated app via the download link below. Sketchable is free to download, however individual tools cost $1.99, while the color picker is $2.99, the whole bundle is available for $11.99.

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