Sinofsky admits to using an iPhone, reinforces the importance of using a competitive product

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Recently, reports were circulating the net regarding Steven Sinofsky tweeting from an iPhone rather than a Windows Phone, the man who was responsible for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. Now, Sinofsky has put up a new blog post explaining why it is important to use a competitive product.

“Obviously you should use a competitive product. You should know what you’re up against when a consumer (or business) ultimately faces a buying decision. They will weigh a wide array of factors and you should be aware of those not only for the purposes of sales and marketing but when you are designing your products,” Sinofsky stated in his official Learning by Shipping blog. Sinofsky reinforces the importance of studying your competition, and that includes using their products to see what works and what doesn’t.

Sinofsky even suggests using the competition’s product as if it were your primary product and to not switch or fall back to what you are used to. This takes time, Sinofsky explains, it may even take weeks or more of usage. Hit the source link to read his entire blog post.

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