Shovel Knight launches on Xbox One with BattleToads, new exciting features coming soon

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Shovel knight launches on xbox one with battletoads while several exciting new features are announced for a future update

Feels like ages since Shovel Knight was first announced for the Xbox One but the 8-bit inspired platformer has finally arrived on the console and brings with it, what many assume to be, the first of many Xbox One BattleToads appearances.

While the classic BattleToads characters won’t be playable in the game, the game developer, Yacht Club Games confirms that they will in fact challenge Shovel Knight to a battle during a special challenge at some point in the main campaign and will also teach him new techniques.

Several rather impressive free updates have also been announced for Shovel Knight on Xbox One and are expected to release sometime in 2015. They include an entirely new mode called Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows which will introduce a new playable character and several new features, two more campaigns featuring King Knight and Specter Knight, several new challenge levels, a four player battle mode and a genuinely interesting new feature called Body Swap Mode which will allow the player to swap the character sprites for every character in the game.

It’s great to see so much extra content being offered for what could have simply been a quick port. Which of these extra features excites you the most? Or is the chance to see the BattleToads in action again all you need? Sound off in the comments below!

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