Should Microsoft be worried about iOS 7?


Recent rumours have been claiming that Jonathan Ive, designer at Apple is planning to give iOS a fresh lick of paint for its seventh release later this year. The problem is, the rumours claim that Apple is flattening their UI, much like that on Windows Phone. Should Microsoft be worried?

A new UI for iOS 7? Yes, apparently. According to the many rumours, Apple are planning to give iOS an overhaul after 6 years of the software being available to customers on iPhone. Ever since the software debuted on the iPhone in 2007, it’s stayed relatively the same, with the addition of a homescreen wallpaper being the only noteworthy change. Everything else is almost identical. That is, until Apple announce iOS 7.

Of course, a new UI for iOS 7 is only just a rumour as of writing this, but it seems likely. The problem, is that these rumours are claiming that iOS 7 will flatten the UI, much like what is currently seen on Windows Phone. If this is true, Microsoft should be worried.

Right now, I’m using a Nokia Lumia 820, I’ve jumped from iPhone, to BlackBerry, back to iPhone, and then finally the Lumia. I love Windows Phone, but only because of its UI. Windows Phone is elegant, the apps aren’t there, but its UI makes up for that. The fact that Windows Phone is tied heavily into the Microsoft ecosystem is also a stand out point to why I use the device, but let’s not focus on that today.

I can’t help but wonder, how many other Windows Phone users are in the same boat as me, only using Windows Phone because of its rather revolutionary user interface? Many of them will probably jump ship if Apple announce a beautiful new OS for iPhone, because let’s be honest, it’s an iPhone. I’d also be very tempted to jump ship for the iPhone again, as the app ecosystem is just there. I’ll be honest, I miss a few apps on Windows Phone, but as I said, it’s the UI and Microsoft ecosystem that keeps me hanging in there.

Since Apple have the app ecosystem, a new UI is a huge deal for many. If iOS 7 also supports a widget like feature much like Android, then it could be game over Windows Phone altogether. Windows Phone is already hanging by a thread, as the software is missing a few ‘standard’ features like orientation lock and a notification center.

Right now, the only real issue Windows Phone suffers from is the lack of apps, if it had an app ecosystem like Apples, Windows Phone would be a rather tough competitor.

What are your thoughts, should Microsoft be worried? Would you jump ship if Apple unveils a new UI for iOS at WWDC this year?

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