Shazam for Windows Phone now has trends, charts, and more lyrics and videos -
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Shazam for Windows Phone now has trends, charts, and more lyrics and videos

Shazam on Windows Phone

Shazam and Shazam Encore recently received a major update which adds more charts and helps you follow trending music. This is the second update since Shazam returned to Windows phone and it has some features that make it worth having even if you already have Cortana to recognize music.

Here’s a full feature list of the most recent update.

  • Trending Shazams: what’s popular right now
  • Genre Charts: hip-hop, pop, dance, country
  • Future Hits: the 10 tracks you should know
  • Global/Local Charts: top 100 most Shazamed tracks worldwide and near you
  • New Lyrics and Video pages so you can stay connected to your discovered music

Shazam has been around since before smart phones and they're the standard when it comes to identifying music but with competing services including the natively included Cortana, they've had to expand to stay on top of the competition. Shazam can also identify television shows and they have worked with advertisers to incorporate their service. Some ads feature a "use Shazam to find out more" icon that recognizes the ad and brings you to a website. Shazam also has lyrics pages and charts to track popular music. A previous update to Shazam allowed installation on an SD card which is a handy feature.

The Shazam Encore description appears to be identical to that of Shazam but there may be minor differences such as removing ads.

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