Sharing gameplay clips from Xbox to Twitter might soon be difficult

Arif Bacchus

Xbox Logo

One of the great things about Xbox is the social aspect of gaming. If you have patience with the Xbox Game DVR, you can edit and share anything you captured in your games with family and friends in your Xbox feed or on Twitter. Yet one aspect of that might soon get harder, as spotted by Windows Central.

Though still present on the non-insider version of the Xbox OS, apparently, one of the most recent Xbox Insider updates removes the ability to share Xbox game clips directly to Twitter from Xbox consoles. This has been a signature feature of Xbox for the last few years, but Microsoft wants you to do it another way now.

Indeed, on Insider versions of the Xbox OS, Microsoft wants you to share Xbox captures to Twitter from your phone, by choosing Share to Mobile from your console. This will then give you a notification from the Xbox app, and you’ll be able to share on other platforms.

It’s unknown why Microsoft made this change. It could be for increased metrics in the Xbox app, or it could be that Microsoft doesn’t want to pay for the Twiter APIs, or a bigger integration could soon be on the way. Windows Central reached out for comment and Microsoft but didn’t hear back at the time of writing.

This could end up being a controversial change, but since this is only in the Xbox Insider version of the Xbox OS, Microsoft could back off its plans and return the ability to share directly to Twitter from Xbox. After all, other consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox all still have this feature.