Sharing photos, location now easier in Skype for Android

Skype on Mobile

Microsoft updated their Skype platform yesterday to support Skype Mojis, making the messaging app a bit more fun. To top things off, the company also released a small update to the Android version of Skype, making it easier to share photos and location inside of Skype conversations.

Adding photos is now as easy as hitting the newly added media bar on the toolbar and selecting a photo or file. And, hit the location icon to let folks know where you’re at. It’s all easy as pie, and helps bring the Android app closer to parity with Skype on other platforms.

Check out the new media bar.

Check out the new media bar.


Those aren’t the only changes:

This new version of Skype also has a number of fixes and additional improvements, including the ability to see how many unread conversations you have without having to open Skype. Just look at the Skype app on your launcher, and the number of unread conversations are now displayed on the upper right side of the Skype icon.*

*Only available for Samsung, HTC, Sony and Xiaomi Android phones.

As always, head over to the Google Play Store to get the update version. And, if you have any feedback for Microsoft, give it up on the Skype Community.

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