Sharing games or downloadable content not happening on Xbox One anytime soon

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Sharing games or downloadable content not happening on Xbox One anytime soon

Valve’s Steam service offers this feature which allows its users to buy games for their friends. The idea of gifting games or downloadable content to friends sounds pretty fun, but if you are hoping to see it on Xbox One anytime soon, we got some bad news coming your way.

Xbox One’s chief Phil Spencer said on Twitter that while he likes this feature, it is not coming to the gaming console anytime soon. “I like the featured, great part of digital, but we don’t have a plan right now”.

Don’t lose your hope just yet. The company isn’t ruling out the possibility that it may someday introduce this feature. Last year, ahead of the Xbox One launch, Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) had said that it’s a  “great feature we’d like to add in someday, but it won’t be there at launch.”

But do note that PlayStation 4 doesn’t offer any similar feature either. As of now, Steam is the only popular platform to sport this ability.

Now some good news, the company is supposedly working to bring ‘Free Play Day with Gold’ feature, which will allow Xbox Live subscribers to play select titles for free for a period of 24 hours.

What’s your thought on this? Would you want to buy games for your friends? Or share the downloadable content (DLC) with your peers? Let us know in the comments. 

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