SharePoint improves Office 365 home page, adds News to iOS and Android apps, more

Dave W. Shanahan

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Today, Microsoft improved the Office 365 home page, as well as adding News to SharePoint apps on Android and iOS. Here’s a quick look at all the new features available on SharePoint for Office 365:

  • News on SharePoint home in Office 365: personalized team news rollup from across sites you are active in, sites you are following, and other news suggested by Microsoft Graph, right on the main entry point for all your sites and portals.
  • News in SharePoint mobile app for Android: personalized team news rollup on your Android device. [Already on iOS, coming soon to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app]
  • Create news with the SharePoint mobile app for iOS: author news and publish to your team members while you’re on the go. [Coming next to Android]
  • Create impactful news and pages: new web parts and page capabilities to help strengthen your internal communications and add interactivity.

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The most notable of these changes are the new web parts and page capabilities that are now available online. Here’s a look at all the newly released web parts that can be used:

  • Power BI (preview) | include dynamic, visual data in your page or news article. Simply paste a URL to an existing Power BI report and the interactive data flows in context for your reader.
  • Link | share links to external and internal pages and documents. The Link web part shows a preview — with image, title and text snippet; no more blue links.
  • Image Gallery | share collections of pictures on a page using a tile or carousel layout.
  • Bing Maps | add a map to your page. Simply enter an address or a well-known location name, and your map dynamically appears.
  • Quick Chart | create a simple chart to present data. Enter your data points with labels, pick your chart type, and publish.

These five web parts add to the full list that is already available here. You can even create your own web parts by using the SharePoint Framework.

Download the SharePoint mobile apps on iOS and Android.

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