SharePoint and OneDrive for Business now allow you to search for sensitive data

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SharePoint and OneDrive for Business now allow you to search for sensitive data

OneDrive for Business and SharePoint are some of Microsoft’s technologies which enable users to store, share, edit, and collaborate with documents in the cloud. One benefit of having documents in the cloud is Data Loss Prevention (DLP). These are policies which backup data to prevent losing work or information due to user error or system error. Another facet of DLP is keeping data safe from people who are not authorized to view or edit the data. Microsoft has made available a new tool to help business keep their data safe.

Now users of SharePoint and OneDrive for Business can search for sensitive data across their files in the cloud. Once sensitive data is found its security can be evaluated. A document containing credit card numbers, or social security numbers would be an easy target for thieves or hackers. Ensuring proper sharing permissions are set up or keeping sensitive documents offline keeps customer or employee data safe. Knowing which documents contain sensitive data is the first step to keeping those documents safe.

Microsoft uses pattern recognition software to sift through documents for sensitive information. Currently, Microsoft has 51 built-in sensitive information types such as, social security numbers, passport numbers, banking account number, etc. Now the compliance officer at a company can use simple queries to find any documents which may contain sensitive data and deal with them accordingly.

How does this make you feel about your sensitive data being stored in the cloud? Do you think this will reassure concerns about security in the cloud? Let us know in the comments below!

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