Listen to articles with the Share to Speech app, now on Windows Phone as a universal app

Joseph Finney

Share to speech is on Windows Phone as a universal app

Do you have too many things to read and too little time? There is an app for that. Share to Speech is a Windows app which will read articles to you. Now Windows Phone users can simply share from the web or from any app which uses the share functionality built into Windows Phone.

When you share something you are prompted with three options. You can save the article for later, you can begin listening in the background now, or you can share to your PC. Share to Speech only uses data to download the text of the article, then converts the raw text to audio on the phone, so there is minimal use on your data plan.

If you listen to a lot of long articles, don’t worry because Share to Speech will let you know how long it will take to read through the entire article. Users of 512MB Windows Phones also shouldn’t be hesitant because this app works on low RAM phones as well.

Share to Speech for Windows Phone is in the store now for a promotional price of $3.99 (down from $4.99). Considering how much time this could save you this is a great price. A lite version of the app is available for free so you can test the reading functionality yourself. The lite version also has text ads, a listen-list limit of three, and limited concurrent sharing options.

Do you read a lot of articles? Would you like to listen to them instead? Let us know in the comments below!