Sequel to Titanfall “looking fantastic” says EA CEO

Back in 2014, Titanfall dropped into the Microsoft-exclusive sphere of gaming and gained some popularity on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Today, EA and Respawn Entertainment are busily readying the sequel to the popular online small-and-big vs. small-and-big shooter, although it's not likely to be a Microsoft exclusive this time around.

Gamespot recently talked to EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson regarding the publishing agreement EA has with Respawn, who worked with them on the original Titanfall. As well as expressing “great faith” regarding Respawn’s ability to make the sequel astounding, he was also quoted as saying that, after looking at the development of the game thus far, “it’s looking fantastic”.

While the game isn’t supposed to launch anytime soon, Titanfall’s sequel is set to be discussed at EA’s Play event which is scheduled to happen during E3 in June this year. According to Gamespot, “fiscal year 2017” is when EA reportedly has the launch set for, so that leaves a gaping window of April 1 of this year up to March 31 of next year.

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