Select Dell products are up to 40% off with today's 12 Days of Deals

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Microsoft's 12 Days of Deals are about to end later this week. It's day 9 of the promotion and today, Microsoft is offering up to 40 percent discount on select Dell devices, including laptops, PCs and monitors.
Interestingly, the bezel-free Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15 are also available as a part of this deal. You can grab the Dell XPS 15 9559 Signature Edition for $1,499 instead of $1,699, a discount of $200. All the XPS 13 models available are discounted by $100, so if you're in the market looking for an excellent, high-end device, you can grab any of these two laptops depending on your budget.
The discounts are as high as $500 on Dell's UltraSharp monitor as well as several other PCs and laptops. You can check out the complete list of devices available as a part of the deal today at the Microsoft Store.
On a side note, the list which was leaked earlier this week predicted this promotion. The list has predicted all the deals so far, even the one which will go live tomorrow is also spot on. Microsoft has listed on the 12 Days of Deals page that Acer Aspire R11 will go on sale for $299 as a part of tomorrow's deal.

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