See which US city wakes up the earliest based on Bing usage data

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See which US city wakes up the earliest based on Bing usage data

Some of us are set in our ways when it comes to what time we decide to wake up in the morning. Whether it be for work, for school, or for taking the kids to school, we all wake up at different hours. Microsoft has put up a new blog post showcasing an infographic that reveals which US city wakes up the earliest and which city wakes up the latest, all based on Bing usage data. San Francisco wakes up the earliest while New York City wakes up the latest.

We calculated the time at which we receive 50% of daily peak traffic from each metro area in their local time zones. The 25 cities follow the same general curve across all seven days of the week. While the patterns are the same, we did see a 43 minute shift between the earliest risers and the late risers. Based on this, the metro area that wakes up earliest is San Francisco, reaching 50% of traffic at 6:43AM and on the other side of the country is the latest, New York City, which achieves 50% of peak traffic 43 minutes later at 7:32AM," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

The data also found that we tend to wake up earlier as the week progresses. In other words, we wake up earlier by Friday morning by a full 22 minutes compared to Monday. You can take a look at the entire infographic by clicking this link. What time do you tend to wake up in the mornings?

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