See what’s new with Windows 8.1 Preview for Developers (video) #bldwin

Build 2013

Microsoft has already rolled out Windows 8.1 Preview and Visual Studio 2013 Preview and eager developers should already have their hands dirty with these two new products from Microsoft. However, if you are a developer and have yet to see what’s new with Windows 8.1, this video is for you!

In the video, Microsoft’s Premier Field Engineers Robert Evans and Christophe Nasarre showcase demos and code for some of the newest features in Windows 8.1. “You will see the impact of the new tiles size in your manifest and their support for live tiles. Next, you will discover how to integrate the new DatePicker, TimePicker, CommandBar, SettingsFlyout in your code. Don’t miss the XAML to bitmap rendering demo,” the video description reads.

You can watch the video below. It is roughly 45 minutes long and the narrator isn’t as stimulating as our very own Zac, who does a fantastic job with our videos.

Nonetheless, Microsoft also shows developers some tricks and tips on supporting the new resize henaviour in Windows 8.1 as well as the list of new WinRT API. This video is a great tool for developers to get a better understanding of whats new with Windows 8.1 Preview. Enjoy!

Thanks for the tip, Markus!

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