See what software or hardware works on Windows 8.1 with the Compatibility Center -
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See what software or hardware works on Windows 8.1 with the Compatibility Center

Windows 8.1 Compatibility Center

Did you know Microsoft has a Compatibility Center that offers you insights on what works and what doesn't when it comes to software and hardware on Windows 8.1? You can find compatibility information and get Windows compatible device drivers, app updates, and downloads using the Compatibility Center.

The Compatibility Center is useful for those of you looking to verify if your hardware device is compatible in Windows 8.1 For example, searching for Epson LQ-570+ Printer Model C107001, you will see that it is indeed compatible on Windows 8.1 and contains a community rating and software download link. Users can vote yes or no on compatibility to help out other users who search for the same product.

On the software side, you can search for software to view its compatibility issues. For example, a search for Adobe Photoshop resulted in a list of all that Photoshop versions indicating compatibility, community ratings, software downloads, and an area where support questions and answers are listed for that topic. This is a great tool to see if other users are having the same compatibility issues as you are.

Hit the source link below to check out the Compatibility Center. Hopefully all your software and hardware devices are compatible with Windows 8.1!

Thanks for the tip, Markus!

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