See how the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 improves creativity

For designers being creative is in their blood. Inspiration can come from a variety of things from what they eat to the places they travel to the things they see with their own eyes; inspiration is everywhere they go. When such inspiration hits, we use these moments to expound upon an idea, draw up a new sketch, design a new pattern or capture a moment in a new way. For these moments being able to quickly record this inspiration is key to their success. The pen and paper for people of this profession has for years been a go-to item. However, with the rise of technology, how would a device like the Surface Pro 4 help a professional become more creative and achieve a higher level of work?
Microsoft teamed up with interior designer and blogger Justina Blakeney, a graduate of UCLA in World Arts and Culture, to use the new Surface Pro 4 in her line of work. With the launch of the Surface line, Microsoft has a goal of giving creative professionals the ability to manifest their ideas wherever they go. With the ability to run design-oriented programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, a designer like Justina Blakeney has the power to create at any moment.

Having a design geared towards portability and light weight the Surface Pro 4 gives its owner the opportunity to lighten their load. Offering the full power of Intel Core processors and Windows 10, designers have all the capabilities of a much heavier laptop, but with exciting additional features like pen and touch support. Adobe has partnered with Microsoft as well to update their popular applications to take advantage of the touch and pen technology of the Surface Pro 4.
Having  a full-powered PC in the weight and design of a tablet, natural Pen support and a touch-enabled interface gives designers the ability to capture new ideas whenever inspiration hits. Microsoft and designer Justina Blakeney have together proven once more the power of the Surface Pro 4 in the professional field.

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