Xbox One’s Kinect can distinguish between two people taking at the same time

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Xbox One with Kinect

With just under two months until the Xbox One release, more information about the console along with the Kinect device have begun to hit the internet. Just recently, we had Microsoft’s Phil Harrison reveal at the Eurogamer Expo in London that the second generation Kinect, which is included with the Xbox One, will have technology that will distinguish the primary user when two people are talking at the same time.

During the session, technology lead developer Nick Burton added that the new Kinect will be able to do this by having the built-in microphone array figure out who’s talking simply by syncing the voice and the mouth movement. He also noted that this feature will also work in the dark, making it superb for night time adventures.

The new Kinect has the capabilities of detecting 25 joints between six people, which is an improvement from the Xbox 360. The new Kinect will also be able to distinguish the user holding the controller from the crowd, so if he/she says something, it will prioritize the user with the controller’s voice rather than the spectators.

We’ve already touched upon how the Xbox will have a fitness app here, and that’s all thanks to Kinect who can estimate heart rates by just scanning the face and detect as many as 1,400 points of articulation of their faces.

The next generation Kinect will come with the Xbox One, along with a controller and a headset for only $500. The Xbox One is set for release on November 22. The Kinect will not be required to be connected at all times, but it will enhance the Xbox One experience for the user if connected. 

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