Searching for Google on leads to funny results, just for April Fools day

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April Fools Bing Google

Just in time for the April Fools day spirit, Microsoft has tweaked up to do something quite funny and special when someone searches for “Google” on the software giant’s search engine.

When you search for “Google” on, the search engine’s layout changes to white and features a Google-style logo. Users can then hit “search” or “Im feeling confused”, which is a play on Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” search option.

Microsoft has also changed the “hotspots” on the page to reflect the joke. One of the hotspots even states “If blank space is your thing” and offers you a link to “plain white paper.” Another hotspot mentions that people choose vanilla as their flavor, then links to the Bing It On challenge.

Head over to and try this out for yourself before the day ends. Enjoy the laughter.

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