Seagate's new SSD is designed for your Xbox gaming needs

After Microsoft took to the E3 stage yesterday to unveil a host of first and third party games coming to the Xbox One platform sometime between the end of this year and next, storage provider Seagate siezed an opportunity to tout its new external hard drive, designed specificaly for the Xbox One console family.

With most AAA gaming titles coming in with a 35GB+ download install, storage space on gaming consoles has quickly become a precious commodity, and its seems Seagate is prepared to accommodate Xbox One owners with a various configured options that include external hard drives with 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB solutions.

The new exeternal hard drives will cost $150, $300, and $600 respectively, and if that seems like a lot for storage in comparison to alternatives, Seagate is betting on its new sleaker design, USB-C connector and read speeds of 540 MB/s to win your gamers hard earned cash.

Another selling point for Seagate is its partnership with Microsoft that allows the company to offer a two-month trial of Xbox Game Pass which is a buffet of gaming experiences and should help any gamer push the limits of the Seagates storage offerings.

To purchase the new external hard drive, gamers will have to wait until later this summer, but can visit the Seagate homepage for shopping comparisons in the meantime.

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