Seagate and Microsoft partnered to make a 2TB external drive built for the Xbox One and Xbox 360

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Seagate and microsoft partnered to make a 2tb external drive built for the xbox one and xbox 360

One thing that we can always use more of is storage for our electronic devices. That’s truer than ever for owners of Xboxs. With a growing collection of Xbox One titles, Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, and the upcoming ability to use the Xbox One as a DVR, it’s easy to fill up an entire Xbox console. Seagate and Microsoft have partnered to create an external drive that is built for the Xbox.

The Seagate Game Drive give users 2TB of extra storage and works with the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The device is specifically made to work seamlessly with both consoles. Xbox’s Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) explains that the Seagate Game Drive allows users to “plug-and-play.” When you plug in the drive the Xbox detects it automatically and guides you through the setup process. There's also an official page on the drive from Seagate.

It can be plugged into any USB port of either the Xbox One or Xbox 360 and will retail for $109.99. The release date is not announced.

While there are many external drives on the market for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, it’s nice to see Microsoft partner with Seagate to make one specifically built to work with the consoles. Also, the Seagate Game Drive comes in a very stylish Xbox green.

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