Sea of Thieves isn't even out on Xbox One yet and you can already buy merchandise

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One of the highlights of Xbox's E3 event was the unveiling of a new exclusive IP from Rare: Sea of Thieves, the newest addition to the under-represented genre of swashbuckling mayhem in gaming. The game looks mighty fun, and overall, the attitude have been quite positive on the game's future success. So positive, it seems, that the developer has seen it fit to release merchandise for the game way before its release.

Specifically, Rare has literally set up shop on the internet for Sea of Thieves booty, dedicating a whole website separate from the game's homepage for its budding business. Called "Sea of Thieves Shop", the site currently only sells clothing articles with stylish Jolly Roger imprints for all sexes. Buyers will have a choice between Unisex T-shirts, Outerwear and Women-dedicated clothing. The color choices are also limit to red, burgundy, faded white, and black; fitting, however, given the game's theme.

sea of thieves merchs
Stylish symbols, not many color choices.

Just a recap: Sea of Thieves is a new pirate-themed, open-world, multiplayer-focused Xbox and Windows exclusive game from Rare. Groups of players can commandeer wooden pirate ships of yore (very realistically, from the trailer), find treasures, discover untamed islands, battle other ships in glorious old-school cannonball slugfests, and generally do all the swashbuckling shenanigans one can think of, including getting drunk (with visual effects). There will also be one or two-man ships for the loners, but all will be playing in a shared, large, colorfully-realized world. Of course, with the game being a pioneer of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, cross-play and cross-buy between Xbox and Windows will be coming as well.

Overall, Rare's Sea of Thieves looks like it's going to be a great multiplayer experience with friends, and with these merchandises up for sale, you can now create a dress code for your own real-life band of rag-tag pirates in preparation for the game's arrival in 2017. Stay tuned for more Sea of Thieves and Xbox news in the future.


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