Sea of Thieves gets a February 2017 release timeframe

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Back at E3 3015, Microsoft first announced the first person pirate adventure game titled “Sea of Thieves.” Since then, not many details about the title have been released, up until gameplay footage of the title emerged during E3 2016 earlier this week.  Today, however, it has been revealed that Sea of Thieves is set to get a February 2017 release timeframe (via Windows Central).

The timeframe was first revealed in an interview with Aaron Greenberg on the Kinda Funny YouTube Channel. Other, more solid, details on the launch of the title, though, have not been revealed. Microsoft and Rare have noted that a beta test will be released before the full title hits store shelves.

In case you missed the Gameplay Reveal of Sea of Thieves, you can see it above. The video features four players in a what appears to be a co-op mode. The group is seen preparing a shift for sail before all hell breaks lose and they come under attack by other ships in the sea.

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