Sea of Thieves to move to new seasonal progression model, will add premium tier

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Sea of Thieves

Starting in January 2021, Sea of Thieves is shifting towards a seasonal progressive content update schedule. Rare, the game developer behind the blockbuster Xbox game, faced a number of unforeseen challenges trying to get out game content updates to Sea of Thieves starting at the very beginning of the pandemic. As noted in a post on, Rare’s creative director, Mike Chapman, explained that Sea of Thieves will follow a seasonal progressive content update schedule, following popular games such as Fortnite and Fall Guys. Chapman explains all the changes coming to Sea of Thieves in this video, check it out below.

Chapman said that the upcoming Sea of Thieves seasonal progression system is “the biggest change in progression system since launch” that will also come with an optional premium tier called the “Plunder Pass.” Plunder Pass will give players access to unique rewards and exclusives to those who purchase it. Chapman continues to explain how the system progression system will work.

“Each season will last approximately three months and will begin with a new piece of content, a new experience or way of playing. Alongside that, over the three months, there will be regular and featured live events. What’s really exciting for us is that outside of the progression system that’s already there, you can feel that sense of progress each time you play. So even if you don’t finish your adventure, you still feel that tangible sense of progress when you play Sea of Thieves.”

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