Sea of Thieves rebrands Pioneer program to “Insider,” adds in game incentives for testers

Laurent Giret

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores video game on Xbox One and Windows 10

Sea of Thieves has announced this week a major rework of its Pioneer program, which currently allows players to get early access for testing. In the latest Sea of Thieves Developer Update published yesterday, Rare Executive Producer Joe Neate announced that the Sea of Thieves Pioneer program would relaunch as the Insider Program on March 12 (via Windows Central).

Players who sign up for the new program will get access to Rare’s online insider forums, but the developer also plans to reward players testing new builds regularly with in-game gold and exclusive cosmetics items, something the Pioneer program never did.

The new Sea of Thieves Insider program will be accessible to everyone who owns the game or plays it with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, though be aware that all content will be under NDA. You can expect the Xbox team to share more details about the program during the next Inside Xbox episode on March 12, and Rare is also expected to discuss an upcoming major update to celebrate the game’s first anniversary on March 20.