Sea of Thieves now 50% off until January 31st, right when the game is getting some positive buzz

Laurent Giret

Microsoft, Windows 10, Sea of Thieves, Xbox, Xbox One

This is pretty unusual, but Microsoft has just announced that Sea of Thieves, its popular pirate game released nearly a year ago on Xbox One and Windows 10, will be 50% off through January 31. The timing is quite interesting, as Rare acknowledged that the game has been getting some positive buzz recently.

Several video game journalists have recently written about Sea of Thieves enjoying a kind of renaissance on Twitch. Many popular streamers have given the game another shot after all the free content updates that Rare released in the past few months, and it seems that this increased interest from streamers is leading more people to rediscover the pirate game.

Sea of Thieves is still in need of a real story and more content, but it’s slowly getting there. Rare plans to add a new Arena PvP mode very soon, which should hopefully lead to some epic action on streaming platforms. Anyway, now seems to be a really good time to play Sea of Thieves, and you can get it for just $29.99. If that’s still to much for you, we remind you that the game is still free to play with Xbox Game Pass.

Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition
Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition